Welcome, most of the content here is 18+, but below you can find my general profile and samples of the work that I do.

Original Content


Since 2005, futanari.org provides coverage of the futanari genre to the Western audience through a blog and regularly updated wiki. 18+.


@futanarikko, this Twitter account is devoted to the futanari genre. 18+.


Stats tracking for gameplay in DotA2. My Steam account is tracked, so you can determine when I'm most active and when I'm not. Also, if you have Steam, you may be able to find my ID and friend request.

Logo Design

A portfolio of logos designed by myself, mostly bare-bones, with description of implementation.

Writing Samples

The majority of my writing samples are available on futanari.org as wiki articles, in particular the following highlighted articles:

Creative Writing Samples

Thanks to the patient editors at Interweb Comics my creative writing projects were able to come to life, starting with Living Sperm Bank for Expansion Fan Comics.

After progressing my IT career, a friend and I were able to launch Healthy Fetish where the two of us currently write in our spare time. My titles written under the Healthy Fetish banner are:

  • I'm Living a Lie!
  • Spells ‘R Us: Visual Aid
  • Idols of Fertility
  • The Black Garden, A Catalog Of Our Services: Pink Carnations

In addition, we currently operate a Patreon crowdfunding page with titles written by a third party.